Friday, 1 June 2007


I'm slowly getting closer to having a place to stay when I arrive. Though the administration wants me to give them some documents when I turn up, on of them is called "un certificat médical attestant de l'aptitude à vivre en collectivité" which google translate and other French speakers tell me means "a medical certificate attesting to the fact that I can live in a community". Have no idea where I'm going to get one of those, a psychologist maybe? They also want "une attestation d'assurance maladie" which I'm assuming is a record of health insurance, though google translate tells me it means "certificate of insurance disease" ??? Now all I have to do is somehow give them 200 euros and then my room should be reserved, I'm hoping that direct debit has found it's way to France, but they don't seem to embrace technology over there


Mana said...

I think I might have insurance disease - car, contents, health, etc... Does that help?

I am sure going to miss you. Keep blogging and put up lots of pics.

Darren said...

If you'd been paying attention to my constant bitching about their focused ion beams, you'd already know they don't embrace technology over there :)