Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Tomorrow there is going to be another transport strike, it's meant to only be for 24 hours and is supposed to be a lot less severe than the ones we have had in the past, my train line is actually still running for once, at 60% capacity but it's better than nothing. I suppose this is a bit of an early Christmas present from the transport workers, or perhaps a reminder that we are still very much in their power and that they can quite easily return us to the chaos of a month ago if they want. Or perhaps the Christmas present is that they are holding this inevitable strike tomorrow, Wednesday 12th of December, rather than say Monday 24th of December.


Devin said...

Surely you don't have to work on Christmas eve in France. Aren't there laws against such work?

Annabel said...

I'm not sure about laws against it, but I know I wouldn't work then. What I meant was that people would be trying to do their last minute Christmas shopping and visiting their families so Christmas Eve would really be the worst day to strike on.