Wednesday, 5 December 2007

2nd World Country

I'm sorry but this blog entry is going to be a major rant. I have been without internet or a phone in my room for a week now. When I paid rent yesterday I asked the woman on the phone if the internet had been fixed, fully intending to refuse to pay my rent if it hadn't, and she assured me that it had been fixed. I get home that evening to find that she had lied and it was still broken. So the next day, being today, I rang the head office intending to tell them all what a bunch of complete incompetents they are, but the person on the phone told me the technician had been round and the internet was working. I get home this evening and again I find they have lied to me and it is not working. I mean what can you do if the people who are meant to provide you with services are completely useless and are willing to lie to your face? It's unbelievable, I can't imagine any college dorm in Australia where the internet and phones would be down for a week with no word from head office, no information on what the problem is or an expected date when it will be fixed.

That is why I am downgrading France's status to a 2nd world country, the only reason they aren't all the way down to 3rd world is that they have an OK public transport system. Even Spain is richer than France, a country known for its afternoon naps, that tells you something about France's productivity and efficiency.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's right! Give it to these cheese eating surrender monkeys!

Nasty German

m2 said...


First trace of french bashing on this blog. It's a bit sad to condemn a whole country just for one week without internet.
My parents happen to live in Newcastle (NSW) and last year they stayed one month without internet (apparently a problem between telstra and optus) and they certainly didn't downgrade Australia to a second world country!
I guess you are not as brainy as I thought you were.
Oh and Spain is not richer than France. You got the wrong stats.

Nastey french who loves Australia

Anonymous said...

Hey nastey Frenchy!

I think you took her post a bit too seriously (and be assured, she is quite brainy).
I had fun reading it and I think she wanted it to be funny (you would've gotten it if you knew her I guess). Anyway, I think the problem wasn't the one week no internet situation, but more the false information that was given out by different people.
I think things like this can happen all over the world when it comes to telecommunication companies...(they are bad in Germany and Australia too)

Nasty German (who loves Australia too)

Annabel said...

Ok, I didn't really mean to bag out the whole country, I agree that wasn't fair of me. I guess you get a little addicted to that cable connected to your computer when it is the only means of communication between you and your friends, family and boyfriend and after a week without contacting them you can get a little stir-crazy.

Annabel said...

Oh and that stat about Spain being richer than France was given to me by my very French boss. So maybe he was wrong.

m2 said...

Hello Annabel!

I'm sorry for my post.
I admit I was a bit harsh on you but I was so disappointed by your comments.
I have envoyed you blog since the beginning(especially the parts on our famous strikes!)and I just thought you were a little unfair.
Anyway, I should have been less violent in my comment.
So please, do accept my apologies.

About the richness of spaniards, your french boss is wrong. According to the magazine The Economist in their annual report "the world in 2007"; the gdp per capita in Spain culminates 22530 american dollars. The french are a bit richer with a gdp per capita of 43640 american dollars.

VoilĂ !

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Nasty french.

m2 said...

Oups! I made a mistake about the gdp of spaniards (it's 33530 american dollars and not 22530 as I said)

Sorry again!

Nasty French

Aussie willing hate everyone said...

To Taking on the French -> Please don't let anyone destroy your desire to slag-off entire nations. It brings happiness to those like myself.

To Nasty German -> funny you said that "cheese eating surrender monkey" quote, a french guy at work just went nutso because somebody called him that. Gotta love frencho-patriotism.

To m2 -> have a chill pill and think life over. Otherwise I am sure there are worse websites that need your moral attention.

Aussie willing to love everyone said...

You two posted when I was writing my reply.

To TOTF -> your apology for your outburst is welcomed, but don't let it hinder you next time you need to slag a nation or two.

To m2 -> your apology is also welcomed, though not really required. From the tone of your post I would believe yourself to probably have a similar high standing of morals to TOTF.

Mana said...

It sounds like both France and Newcastle are second world countries :)

Sydney joins you there with 300 public buses disappearing off the roads today due to shonky German steering wheels.

People should just walk everywhere.

Annabel, keep on complaining. It's the Aussie way :) Oi Oi Oi!