Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The Sorbonne

Actually this post isn't going to be about the Sorbonne at all, I have no photos of it, because it is just a big building, much like every other building in Paris, taking up an entire block. I was expecting maybe a garden or two, perhaps a few different buildings, but if you didn't know that it was the Sorbonne you would walk right past it, so a bit disappointing there.

This post is really going to be about the Musee de Moyen Age which I visited on the weekend, this is the museum of the middle ages. It was a pretty cool museum, as seen in the photo to the left, I would recommend it simply for the Lady and the Unicorn tapestry set. I've seen a lot of tapestries over here, it must have been the thing to do 400 years ago, and I haven't been impressed by any of them. But these ones were awesome, the subject matter is the best so far, you can't go wrong with unicorns, and the colours are amazing, for something that old.

The unicorn, apparently, has the body of a goat, the head of a horse and the tail of a lion, which I never knew. It was just a cool looking unicorn, with this little smile on its face in each tapestry.

They also had quite a few stained glass windows that you could actually get up close to for once and see the detail in the pictures,
rather than usually when they are way above you in some church. I only realised what the picture in this window was after I downloaded it.

Below I am continuing my series of really ugly baby Jesus pictures/statues. I think this one could be the winner, I guess the fact that the arms and a bit of the head seem to be missing doesn't really help Jesus' case.

We also have Jesus on a donkey, I like the weird starbursts coming out of his head, and also the fact that the donkey is on wheels, like it's some sort of child's plaything.

After the middle ages I visited the Centre de la Mer, mer means sea, but it wasn't that impressive, there were maybe a total of 5 smallish fish tanks in the whole place. I guess it's good if you are a French speaking kid, not so much if you are an english speaking adult who has been snorkelling on the great barrier reef.

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