Thursday, 1 November 2007

Autumn Leaves

I'm off to London today on the Eurostar, today is a public holiday in France, All Saint's Day, but I'm "working" today so I can take tomorrow off instead. This means that on my walk into work I actually had my camera on me for once so I could take some photos of the lovely autumn leaves around here at the moment. Sure we had the leaves changing colour in Canberra too, I think Canberra was settled by homesick English so there are an awful lot of deciduous trees around the place, but they always seemed a bit out of place in amongst the gums. Here I walk to work through an oak forest, in fact nearly all the trees are decidous, and natives, so it just seems to work. Of course it will probably be really depressing in a months time when ALL the leaves will have fallen, but at the moment it really looks good. Unfortunately you can't see the photos I took as I have neither my laptop or camera cable with me. But I promise to upload them once I get back from London.

UPDATE: here are some of the photos I took

The second photo shows the little path I walk down in the evening to get to the train station. It looks good in the daytime, but just try and imagine walking down this in the pitch black, there are no street lamps in this forest. Now that daylight savings is over the sun is setting at about 5:20pm, and I don't leave work until after 6. I really need to buy myself a little torch, that is definitely my chore for this weekend.

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