Thursday, 15 November 2007

French Stamps

I have finally worked my way through the 40 stamps I bought in one of the first weeks I was in France, I only wanted 20 at the time, but the cashier either didn't understand me or couldn't be bothered tearing the sheet in half, this is France so the second reason is probably more likely to be the true one. Today I went and got some new stamps, but this time I used the machine they have in the post office which can dispense any stamp for letters or parcels, they are pretty cool machines. But I'm not sure I trust the stamps the machine gave me, see exhibit A to the left.

This is apparently all I need to get letters and postcards to Australia. I love the paper aeroplanes on the "stamp", is that how they are proposing to send my letters home? After buying 10 of these, I bought them all at once, I decided I'd rather have some proper stamps so spoke to the cashier this time, and recieved exhibit B below:

Now that's what I call a stamp, without a picture, it's not a stamp in my books. Lets see if the first lot of "stamps" get anything back to Australia.

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