Friday, 16 November 2007

Uh Oh

Things don't look good for me getting to work next week, this round of train strikes are reportedly designed to wear the President down. The first strike we had a month ago I thought was pretty bad, but it only really lasted 2 days and while it was a lot more complete than this current one, it was over so soon it never hugely affected me. That strike was only a warning though and this current one has already been going for a full 3 days and is continuing tomorrow as well. At least the government and the unions have agreed to negotiations, but I don't think either side is really willing to budge so I'm not sure what good is going to come of it. Even the wonderful TGVs, the awesome fast train network throughout France, have been affected with only 150 out of 700 running today. Not good at all, looks like on Monday I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and attempt the 2 hour commute involving 4 different types of transportation. At least I'm kind of used to being squashed in like a sardine now, my personal space is certainly a lot smaller than it was in Australia, and so hopefully I will be able to survive the peak hour people-traffic.

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