Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I'm spending a few days in Canberra, back where it all started, a long 9 years ago, and it's nice to see that this place never changes. In fact the only change I have seen is that they are replacing some grass outside my old office with astro-turf, the facilities and services manager around here has never liked that patch of grass so he must be happy to have finally won his long-running battle.

The place seems like a country town now, with these massive roads and hardly any traffic, even at the absolute peak of rush-hour it felt like there were hardly any other cars on the road. The other thing that never changes here is that you go out to dinner and there is no-one else around, 8pm is late for dinner, which is strange because I would have thought public servants would have had a bit of money to spend on food. It is always reassuring to see that some things never change though.

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