Thursday, 21 February 2008


Phew, it's been a while since I last posted, people have probably stopped checking here seeing as how it has been more than a month since I last wrote anything. I had a bit of a break in Australia, which kind of dried up the writing, but now I'm back in the long European winter I suddenly feel the urge to write again. I've just organised a few travels in the next couple of months which I'm pretty excited about. First up is 4 and a half days in Southern Germany, I have to go to Darmstadt (I love that name, so German, or rather the evil school in Harry Potter - Durmstrang) for a workshop so seeing as how work is paying me to get over there I thought I would take a few days off and spend Easter there as well. (For some reason France doesn't take Good Friday as a holiday only Easter Monday, and I always though Good Friday was really important for Christians) At the moment I'm thinking of Heidelberg and Munich, I've heard that Heidelberg was one of the only cities that wasn't completely destroyed in the war (not sure if that is true or not) but I'm looking forward to some traditional German architecture. The number one thing for me at Munich is the Dachau concentration camp, I'm not sure if you can say you are looking forward to seeing a concentration camp but I'm sure keen to visit it. There are a few other things around Munich I wouldn't mind seeing, but I don't want to go giving away my future postings now do I.

The other trip I have planned is to Amsterdam in April, I wouldn't mind seeing Anne Frank's house, I really have a World War II theme going here at the moment, and the canals and that sort of thing. These trips are certainly something to look forward to in what seems like a never ending winter. Apparently in March it rains and is windy all the time, there could possibly be 2 nice weeks in April and then it doesn't start to get warm again until May/June, give me an Australian winter anytime!

Now I just have to organise flights to Barcelona and Corsica, though I might leave those until after my next pay.

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