Sunday, 24 February 2008

Where are all the Tours?

I've just spent about an hour searching the web for a day tour to Mont-St-Michel, it's in the Normandy region and is a tiny little island with a massive abbey on the top. It is meant to be the second most visited place in France, after the Eiffel Tower, and yet I can find no tour companies which will do a day trip out there from Bayeux. Either there are no tour companies (hard to believe), or they just haven't grasped the wonders of the internet (probably more likely). Don't they understand what it is like for an English tourist, we don't want to call someone, we have this fear they will only speak French, we just want to be able to read it on the internet and decide for ourselves. Grrrrr! I guess I'll keep searching tomorrow. I have found a few companies which visit the D-Day beaches, but again not as many as I would have expected for such a popular (I would have thought) attraction.

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