Monday, 14 April 2008

It's Not Just Me!!

I know I complain a bit about the College Franco-Britannique, where I live, but tonight I discover that it is not just me who thinks it is not as great as what it could be. There were people walking around the corridors handing out petitions for all the residents to sign. Quite a few of the complaints don't apply to me, things like moving notices, apparently people have been given 2 days notice to change rooms, or the kitchens not working and in a lot of rooms the lights don't work. Thankfully none of that applies to me. Their main complaint was about the inaccessibility of the foyer. For the last 4 months they have been renovating the lobby, which is a shame as I really liked how it used to look, with really dark wood panelling, black leather couches and a grand piano (very classy), but now the word is that none of the students are allowed to use it, only the researchers (I wonder if that means me?). Which is pretty bizarre as the foyer is really the only place you can congregate here and if you exclude that to the majority of the residents where are they meant to meet up? I really don't know what they are thinking, they spend all this money and then nobody is going to be allowed inside. It's like those people who buy lovely lounge furniture but then insist on using ugly plastic covering to protect it, what's the point?

They also complain about the frequency of the fire alarms which really annoys me, we had one go off at 4am the other week, luckily that was the morning I was flying out to Amsterdam, so I was getting up almost that early anyway. But not one of the dozens of alarms have been due to a fire, which means if we ever do have a fire here we are all going to burn to death as nobody leaves their rooms anymore. So I'm not a total whinge-pot, there are a few legitimate concerns in amongst my complaining.

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