Friday, 4 April 2008

Troubles at Work

I thought I should write something so you don't have to keep reading about my disgusting scabies, I'm sorry, I promise I won't mention them again. The first, and most important thing, I wanted to write about is that the coffee machine at work has been broken for the last 2 days. I know, an absolute tragedy, this is France after all, I'm surprised any work has been done lately or that a strike hasn't broken out. I was wondering today why I felt a bit off, slight headache, and way more tired than what I should be, and then of course, I realised that I haven't had my daily coffee. I am such an addict, all it takes is a week of a coffee every day and I'm hooked, then of course I have to go through the weekend come-down when I don't have a coffee for 2 days. Thank god I'm so clean living as I think my body is capable of getting hooked in an instant. This afternoon though I go into the cafeteria and see a lovely, much fancier, new coffee machine (only temporary), looking forward to using that next week. One good thing about the coffee in France is that nobody has it with milk. This means that my milk at work is NEVER touched, I have never been in that situation before, I would say milk is the number one stolen commodity at work and in shared houses and yet here it is never even an issue.

The other, less important point, is that I have updated my resume, for those who don't know I'm looking to get out of academia when I head back to Australia in July. This is for a variety of reasons, but I suppose the main one is that it is almost impossible to find permanent positions in Australia, so no thanks, I don't want to still be doing post-docs when I'm 40. I'm pretty happy with my resume though, I would give myself a job, I just had to get used to exaggerating the truth and putting absolutely everything down that could be relevant. Now the next step is to find some jobs I could send it to, any ideas?

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