Saturday, 15 November 2008

Do I Need a New Camera?

I used to like the photos I took with my little compact point-and-shoot. But then two of my brothers got those massive SLR things (and started putting the photos on the web, which is the most important point as I think I had seen maybe 3 photos total from one of my brother's last 5 years of photo taking). Ever since then I have been slightly depressed with my photo-taking ability. It seems my photos look good only when the sun is shining, not to mention the fact I find it hard to take photos when the foreground is dark and the background light.

So I'm thinking of joining the ever growing ranks of people with massive cameras around their necks. I guess on the upside it should give my muscles a bit of a work-out, even if I do look like an American tourist. It is near Christmas though, I mean if you walk into a supermarket at the moment you would think it was next week, and I do work for an investment bank now, though they are being smashed at the moment. I suppose the up-shot of all that is if I still have my job in December, maybe I'll start looking at fancy-ass massive cameras, the bigger the better I say! So maybe you'll see a dramatic improvement in my photos, and if you don't notice anything I'll just tell you that I lost my job and didn't get a camera for Christmas :).

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