Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Alliance Francaise .... Bliss!

I have started my new French course with the Alliance Francaise in Paris, and they really do some good courses. I went to their classes in Australia before I came over and they are really good at teaching French. They are really expensive though, at 50 euros/week, but I think they will be worth it, if I manage to learn as much French as I did when in Australia.

I already learnt some new weird French grammer and I've only been to one class. Imagine if you say "I look at the picture", in French you can also say "I the look", (if people already know you are talking about the picture), I have to find out if they also say "I look at it" I guess they must? I suppose I can just ask people at work, the benefits of learning French in France :).

The Alliance Francaise is so much better than this cheap-o course I did organised by an association designed to help foreign researchers. It was meant to be a week long intensive course, but I only went to the first day. I don't think the teacher actually had any qualifications, but was just someone who could speak French and could afford to spend a week "teaching" foreigners. So there was no real structure to the course, it may have been alright if you were already pretty fluent in French, but I'm still at the stage where I need the verb conjugation forms for things, so need real structure to my classes. Apparently there are 7 verb forms that you have to learn and these are just so you can communicate in everyday life, as there are a lot more than 7 conjugation forms. I think because of this massive range of verb conjugations the French are very impressive in their knowledge of grammer, unlike us english speakers who are just like "I don't know why I say it like that, it just sounds right."

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