Friday, 19 October 2007

Strike Day 2

And so the strike carries on. The metros in Paris are all running semi-normally, but the main suburban trains, which are the only way I can get to work, are completely suspended again today. So no work today either, it is a bit annoying though, I do have stuff I want to get done, and I can't do it from home. On the plus side though there is no danger of me being trapped out at work with no way of getting back into Paris, and thus missing my train to England. I'm actually really glad I decided to catch the Eurostar rather than going for a cheap airfare. I have no idea how you would get into the airport with these strikes going on, I guess it would just have to be a really expensive taxi ride.

My station was closed so I decided to walk down to the next station along to make sure that the trains were definitely not running. The traffic was absolute chaos, I've never seen it so bad, it was bumper-to-bumper traffic the whole way along the 15 minute walk. Cars kept queueing over intersections which would result in massive amounts of horn-blowing as soon as the lights changed. There were police and ambulance sirens going off all over the place. I was getting nervous and I was walking on the footpath, though that may have something to do with the bicycles, scooters and motorbikes which were also riding along the footpath. I think there are going to be some killings at work today, what with the state some people were in already. I really hope this strike ends soon!

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