Saturday, 6 October 2007


Coming back to the rural attitude of the French, it means that people still do their shopping at open air markets which are only open on Saturday mornings. I can see why though because the food there is so much better than what you get at the supermarkets, where the fruit and veg is of even lower quality than Woolies, which is difficult I know :). I'm going to have to take some photos for you because it is pretty cool, it has a very 1900's feel to it, with whole fish spread out on ice, big buckets of oysters and big slabs of meat. So far I haven't been game enough to buy the meat or fish, just because half the stuff I would have no idea how to cook. The fresh fruit and veg is really good though, and I've been pretty proud of myself being able to order stuff in French. I usually ask for the stuff in French and then the shop-keeper will answer me in English, I persist with the French though, damn it, they will listen to my crappy accent!

The French are really big on only eating food that is grown a short distance away, which means the food you see in the stalls is very dependent on the seasons. At the moment we are in fig season, so I've been going a bit crazy with the figs. I'm interested to see what they eat in winter though, whether it's just all potatoes and cabbage. Anyway next time I go I'll make sure I take some photos for you.

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