Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Alpine Garden

While I was visiting the zoo I also had a good look around the Jardin des Plantes, in particular I had a walk through their alpine garden. It's not huge and unfortunately I'm not really up on my alpine plants having never lived above 600m, but there were a surprising number of flowers, especially for so late in the season, it is autumn here now and the leaves are already falling. I took a lot of photos using my macro feature, isn't that what you use when photographing flowers as well as pseudo-arty shots using my cameras colour accent feature.

These are my pseudo-arty shots, I'm not sure how well they will turn out on the computer screen. I'm thinking of getting these three in particular printed up to see what they look like, and decide whether or not I like this feature.

Then we have my macro shots:

There were so many flowers around, the gardeners must plan out which plants they put in, to make sure there are flowers from Spring all the way through to Autumn. Finally there is Puff the Magic Dragon who guards the Jardin des Plantes

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