Saturday, 15 September 2007


A strange thing I have noticed in the French supermarkets is their versions of museli, now when I think of museli I think, generally, of a health food, you know oats, nuts some dried fruit, if you like a bit of extra fat you can get a toasted version, but on the whole fairly healthy. Not in France though, I think the whole breakfast cereal thing confuses them a bit, I mean they aren't a nation known for their breakfasts, in fact I think a lot of French people just have a cigarette and a cup of black coffee for breakfast, not like the English, they really know how to do breakfast! But anyway I like museli and so I've been checking out the different options and there are a surprising number which come with chocolate, no fruit or nuts, just rolled oats and chocolate. In fact I think there are more varieties with chocolate than without. I might have to try a box, it's just I don't think I'll be able to finish a whole box, but maybe as a dessert I could give it a go?

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