Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Louvre Part II

On Reanna's last day here in Paris she decided she was going to do the Louvre, and I mean the whole Louvre! Which is an impressive goal, but what was even more impressive was that she actually achieved it, I think she might have been a little tired-out by the end. My limit at the Louvre is about 3 hours, maybe a little longer if I'm feeling tough, so it is lucky I have a whole year here as it may take me that long to see everything. On this visit I stuck to the Sully gallery, which is the smallest gallery of them all, and also features a lot of sculptures. This means I have saved the biggest, and the whole with the most paintings for last, I think that last gallery will probably take 2 trips. I didn't like this gallery as much as the first one I went to, the Richelieu, but it was still pretty good. The Egyptian stuff they had in this gallery was really awesome. It really makes me want to go and visit Egypt and the Cairo Museum, which must be full of this stuff.

They have the supposed famous art works noted on the information map and one of them was the Statue of Ain Ghazal, which I of course took a photo of, it didn't look like much though, but when you find out it was made sometime between 7000-5000BC, I guess you have to give the artist some credit :)

There is also the Venus de Milo in this gallery, which is really a nice statue. I also like the Capital of Apadana, but what is perhaps even more impressive is that the building this column came from had about 100 other columns exactly like it.

Here is some more of the Egyptian stuff, including one of the Sphinxes they have there as well as a full-blown mummy, complete with internal organ jars!

The other photos I took are of things I found amusing there, I like the statue of the guy disembowling a deer, which he had already skinned, gruesome! Then there is the painting of a monkey painting, this was actually the second painting I saw like this, I'm not sure if this was some particularly period or if the artists were making some sort of comment on their profession?

This next painting I found pretty funny as I'm not sure what a lion is doing wandering around the streets and how he managed to get up to a nursing mother without her noticing, also the pose of the baby is classic! And I just thought the horses in this last painting looked a bit weird, I'm sure I've never seen horses look like that, they look like they are flying!

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