Saturday, 15 September 2007

Natural History Museum

When Dad was visiting me I had a day off one day so we decided to go out to the Paris Natural History Museum. It is set in some really pretty gardens, the jardin des plantes, which is the botanical gardens, and the museum itself was pretty good, I reckon it would have been an awesome museum, if I spoke French. Even without French it was pretty good. They had all these stuffed animals which weren't behind glasses cases, but just set up on the floor so you could get up really close to them, even touch them if you wanted to, but you're not meant to. I'm going to have to back there though to check out the zoo and the garden properly, as there is meant to be a winter garden and also there was a massive greenhouse which was under renovation. When we were there they had a temporary exhibit on insects, mainly flies, which was awesome, even if you didn't speak French, heaps of videos and pictures so you didn't need to be able to read.
The natural history museum set in a small part of the botanical gardens

Some of the stuffed animals set up, with no glass between you and the animals

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