Monday, 17 March 2008

French Doctors Round II

It was back to the doctors today for another attempt to actually see someone. It seems that the trick is to go later in the day, I turned up at 5:50pm and an hour later I was into see the doctor, quick work! It turns out I was half right about the pharmacists doing the vaccinations, the doctor gave me a prescription for the ones I want and then I buy them and bring them back and he'll give them to me. A bit odd I know, especially as after I buy them I have about 2 hours at most before I have to take them, hopefully the waiting room is not too full on that day. I'm actually trying to think of some more vaccinations I could take, now that I have found out how cheap they are. According to the doctor, and the prices could be totally different when I actually go to buy them, but it seems I can get a combined tetanus, polio and diphtheria vaccine for 10 euro, hepatitis A for 20 euro and then the typhoid is the expensive one at 40 euro. I guess I could always get meningitis and maybe some of the other hepatitis letters done, but I'm not sure what else there is to do. I did have one worry though, in that I'm pretty sure my polio vaccination lasted for my lifetime (not 100% positive though) so does it matter if I take a 10 year one, will that reduce my lifetime coverage or will it give me autism or something (isn't that what the people against vaccines always say?)

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