Monday, 10 March 2008

Snow Drops

I went off to Bayeux this weekend, but before I talk about that I have some photos to show you. My father gave me the mission to try and take some photos of snowdrops for him, it's a type of flower for those who don't know, which blooms in very early spring. That is about all I knew about snowdrops, that it was a type of flower, having grown up in the tropics I'm not even familiar with spring, let along these freaky bulb flowers which only blossom at very particular times of the year. After a little internet research I at least had some idea of what the flower looked like, and so went searching through the Parisian parks to see if I could find one. And though I did discover some really freaky flowers, see the one to left, the only thing that I thought could be a snowdrop was this: and really I think it is a yet-to-bloom daffodil.

So I thought that either they don't plant snowdrops in Paris, or that they had already bloomed, it had been really hot and from my internet research I discover that in Paris they should have bloomed by Feb 14th and it was now early March. So I kind of gave up on finding any snowdrops, but then I went to Bayeux and what do I find in this random little park on the edge of town, but what I think, could possibly be, snowdrops!! So just ignore the following gratuitous photos of what could be snowdrops, these are for my dad. They were actually a lot smaller than what I was expecting.

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