Sunday, 16 March 2008


After visiting Mont-Saint-Michel I spent a few hours in Rennes before catching my train back to Paris. It seemed like a bit of a party town, what with two universities there and a whole stack of bars and cafes. The old town is really quite pretty, though very easy to get lost in. Unfortunately there is not much of it left as a fire in 1720, which lasted for 6 days, devastated the town. It was lit by a drunken carpenter who accidentally lit a pile of shavings, I wonder what happened to him after the citizens found out?

It was a nice little town, but it is certainly no Paris. I felt a bit strange wandering around taking photos of the buildings as I appeared to be the only tourist there. I think this is more of a city where groups of young folk come to have a weekend of debauchery (though I'm not sure if the French really go in for that binge-drinking style we have perfected in Australia).

I'll leave you with one gratuitous spring shot, of cherry blossoms in a random Rennes park.

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