Saturday, 4 August 2007

Cite Universitaire Revisited

Here are some photos of my room, I've been told that it is 25m^2, which isn't too bad for a Paris appartment. When I was looking on the internet for places to stay there were a lot of 17m^2 places. I guess you could get rid of a bit of space as I have 2 beds in the room and there is a bit of unused space in the middle of the room. I'm happy with the 25m^2 though. I'm on the very top floor, the 5th (there is a lift), and also right at the end of one of the two wings which means that I don't have any neighbours and also that my room looks out over the park, and not towards the rest of the colleges. I can almost forget that I'm living in a big college and that there are 500 people living around me. Whilst they clean the room and provide the sheets, one thing that isn't provided are towels of any sort, but after a towel hunt today I managed to get my hands on some. I was getting pretty sick of having to use a shirt to dry myself, nothing really beats a towel for water absorption.

I have to take some photos of the main entrance hall too, it's awesome. It reminds me of what an old british gentlemans club should look like. Big black leather couches, heaps of really dark wood panelling with a big, wooden curved staircase and marble (or pseudo-marble) floor tiles.

The view from my window

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Mana said...

It looks great Annabel. I love your view! Keep the photos coming please.

We got your postcard of the church the kings prayed in. Looked awesome.

What are the supermarkets like in this new place?