Wednesday, 15 August 2007

UK rail system

Today I had my second run-in with the UK rail system, I really have to stop trying to buy train tickets over there, I guess they just don't want foreigners visiting their country. Today I was trying to buy a train ticket for my father who is going to England next week, he is going to catch the ferry to Dover and then wanted a train to London. Whilst the train companies all have online stores and the ability to enter countries other than the UK on their website, they don't actually post tickets anywhere but the UK. So once you have been through the rigmarole of registering with the company and choosing your train journey it is only at the end where a message comes up saying "We are only able to send tickets to addresses in the UK, our web development team is working on extending this". For a start I have no idea what the web development team has to do with the ability to put a ticket in an envelope and write an address that doesn't end in UK on the front. Also a lot of the websites currently have the ability to enter another country.

The only other option for collecting your tickets is from an automatic ticket machine in selected stations. Unfortunately there is no ticket machine in the Dover station and therefore no way to collect any tickets you might want to buy. I would really like to know what the UK national rail's solution to this problem is, or maybe they just think foreigners stink and it's better to keep them out of the country?

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