Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A Rant

So this post is going to be a bit of a rant about a few things which have been pissing me off lately. The first, and one I most hate, are the bus drivers over here. I catch a lot of different public transport over here, buses, trains and the metro and the only thing I haven't tried so far is the tram. I have to say though that the bus drivers are by far and away the worst drivers out of all of them, they are so bad I doubt they could even be taxi drivers. The train and metro drivers are both pretty good, nice smooth starting and stopping. The bus drivers all seem to be some kind of sadists who take a perverse pleasure out of slamming on the brakes as hard as possible from as fast a speed as possible just so that everyone standing up can be flung around. I haven't yet been on a bus where they pull in gently to the stop, they all speed up to it and just as they are about to go past they slam on the brakes. They also are always either 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late, so you either miss the bus or have to wait at least 10 minutes. I really hate them! It may not sound bad to you guys but compared to the trains they are a nightmare!

The other thing that pissed me off here is the weird obsession they have with gypsies, at least that is the only explanation I've been given/can think of that explains the fact that every patch of green space (ie parks) have a massive fence around them with only a few locked gates. Over the road from me there is a nice little park, it's got a bit of a hill in it and a lake in the centre and it's great for running in. The other morning I get up thinking to do a few laps of the park before heading off to work, but when I get there I discover that it is locked, and it doesn't open up until 8am (or 9am on the weekends). I don't know if the idea is to keep the homeless out, but really they are the only ones who can enjoy it as everyone else is at work by the time the thing opens. The other thing it could be is to stop gypsies setting up camp, not that I've see any gypsies over here so far. But if they are that worried about gypsies setting up camp why don't they just put a sign up saying No Camping and if anyone does you just move them along? I've heard a rumour that over here gypsies have special rights if they ever manage to set up camp, so the authorities seem to get around it by making sure they can never spend a night anywhere. If there is such a clause the government should get rid of it and the gypsies can stay in trailer parks along with every one else. I just want my park to run in in the morning!

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