Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Trip to Ely

I've been trying to organise a trip to England to visit a friend over there, but have had trouble sorting out dates. Finally today I got the go-ahead to buy my tickets which I promptly did this morning, having been burnt in the past by ultra-expensive Eurostar train tickets. Then at lunch time today I am informed that that weekend is the weekend where my group goes out to Burgundy for a day of seminars and then a party in the evening. I have already spoken to Eurostar though and there is no-way I can change the ticket, I can't even cancel it, well I could but there is no refund. So the cancelling is more that I just don't turn up and have to buy another ticket. How annoying is that, if I had bought the ticket tomorrow I could have gone the next weekend!

My boss already thinks I don't interact enough with the Frenchies, and now I'm going to England (home of Frenchie-haters) rather than hang out with my group for the weekend, and there's nothing I can do about it. Well at least I will enjoy England, with a big plate of fish and chips and a nice warm beer! I did want to go on the party though, I like my group, they are pretty friendly people and it's not like I have heaps of opportunities to go drinking with them at other times. I guess that's life though, and that's what happens when you organise work events on the weekends. My weekends are precious so of course I'm going to organise stuff to do on them.

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Lauren said...

Hey Annabel, I've just been reading your blog and I love the photos!! That's really sucky about Eurostar...but you made me laugh at your comment in a previous post about the UK trying to keep foreigners out with an un-user-friendly rail ticket system. :) You might have a theory there...!!

Keep smiling,
Lauren :)