Saturday, 4 August 2007

French Shopping

I have found that there are a few things that are really hard/impossible to find here in Paris. I have had really trouble finding listerine (you know the mouthwash), some supermarkets have this weak colgate mouthwash but only the one brand and no listerine, which really is the king of mouthwashes. I also cannot find conditioner (for my hair). There is shampoo in all the supermarkets and chemists, but no conditioner, maybe the French like having coarse hair? I'm going to have to visit England just so I can buy these things I can't get here.

That's another thing that is a bit annoying over here. The Europeans really haven't embraced the full capabilities of the internet. England has a particular chemist, Boots, which is slowly taking over the country, soon it will be the only chemist. They also have a pretty good website so you think you could just buy stuff online and get it delivered. I mean France is just over the Channel and we're all part of the EU now, but no you can only send stuff to a UK address. And don't get me started on buying UK train tickets from over here, nightmare!

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