Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Another reason to visit me

Just in case the idea of seeing me, the wonderful French countryside and the awesome Paris sights aren't enough I had a look at the price of alcohol in the supermarket today. Over here 1 euro has pretty much the buying power of $1, that is 1 euro buys the same amount of stuff as you would expect a dollar to here, and yet a bottle of cointreau was 17 euro and vodka was 8 euro! When I move into Paris I think I might be stocking up on a few bottles.

As well as the alcohol my supermarket also sells suitcases, strange I know

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Darren said...

They have a problem with the homeless.

Suitcases were an attempt to get them to clean up their act. "Buy two vodkas, get a suitcase for free," they'd say.