Saturday, 7 July 2007

First week at work

So I have completed my first week at work, and it went heaps better than expected, though I had pretty low expectations. I have started in the lab already, which is great, because I think that is where I work best and can ask more questions about what is going on. Tomorrow we are having a big group meeting and everyone is going to go over their current and future projects, and then I get to pick on that I want to 'lead', though I use that word very loosely. I'm really looking forward to having an experiment of my own, though I will probably just end up following on from another PhD student here, who is due to leave pretty soon. One of the best things about work here is that they never work on weekends, woohoo. Even the big cryostat they only run for 3 days a week. I really love that about the French, they know how to live!

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