Saturday, 7 July 2007

Gif shopkeepers

The shopkeepers in Gif are a funny lot. The town is apparently where heaps of rich people live so I guess they have to do things a bit differently for the rich folk. At the fruit and veg store they have everything laid out, just inviting you to pick the apples and stuff that you want, but no that's not how it works. Instead there is one guy employed and you tell him what you want and he will pick everything out for you. I've been in there when there have been a few other people, and nobody picks their own food, they all just wait for this one person to get to them. I suppose that's why the French aren't known for their efficiency.

They also have a seafood shop here which is open 3 days a week (I think). It actually seems pretty random when it is open or not. I don't think I'm going to be shopping there, at least not unless I feel like having 3 days off work. All the seafood is just laid out on ice (I guess at least they do that) but then it is basically sitting in the street, with no walls or coverings of any sort. So all the flies and bugs that feel like gorging themselves on seafood can just go right ahead. Yuck!

One thing I'm loving though are the awesome bakeries, the bread really is better here. And the eclairs are something else!

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