Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Parisii

Sorry about how the pictures are looking, but I find it hard to easily make blogger look good, and I'm sorry my dear reader I just can't be bothered spending ages to get it looking perfect.

After visiting Notre Dame, I went underground. As you may or may not know Notre Dame is on an island in the middle of the Seine, in the middle of Paris. This island was where a celtic tribe, called the Parisii, moved in and set up a town in centuries BC. The island was easily defendable as back then it was surrounded by marshes and a river. But not so easily defendable that the Romans couldn't move in and conquer everyone, in renamed the town Lutetia. So ever since the Parisii there have been people living in the same site, where ground zero was underneath Notre Dame. When they were doing excavations they found the ancient ruins of the Romans and the subsequent people.

The ancient ruins underneath Notre Dame. The column on the right is an old Roman column that was incorporated in buildings which came later

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